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A business credit report is essential for anyone who is actively engaged in business. Your business credit report, if you own or manage a business, is a tool that you can use to acquire loans for working capital, expansion, advertising and marketing expenses, or meeting payroll. If you own or manage a business you know how important positive cash flow can be, and your business credit report can affect your ability to borrow money when it is needed.

As an example, let's say you run a manufacturing company and have a large order. You'll make a good profit on the order, but must buy raw materials in order to make the money. A short term loan would make it possible to buy the materials, manufacture the needed product, delivery it, send an invoice and collect your fees, then paying back the loan with a nice amount left over to make your company financially healthy. The information on your business credit report will determine whether or not a bank or other lender will make the loan to your company, and if they will make it what type of collateral they will ask for and what interest rate they will charge. In other words, the terms of the loan are dictated by your business credit report.

Having a positive business credit report also reflects on the reputation of your company. If you have a positive business credit report, which can be checked out of course, then new clients will realize that they can trust your company with orders and with their own reputation. Your business credit report can therefore be seen as a tool of marketing and public relations. You can use it to acquire new clients, and this in turn will allow your company to make more money with new clients, creating an even more positive business credit report. It is almost like a self-perpetuating cycle or self-fulfilling prophecy. If you have a good business credit report, you are more likely to continue having a good business credit report. With that in mind it is easy to understand why a company's financial officers should monitor the credit report on a regular basis, making sure that no mistakes or inaccuracies get into it and fixing problems as soon as they arise. Your company's business credit report, as you can see, is an important tool for your company's financial health and something you should take care of.


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Chase offers a wide variety of credit cards, with something for almost anyone. Some of their offerings include Visa, MasterCard, student and alumni cards for various colleges, business cards, travel rewards cards, retail cards and cards supporting different organizations. Here are five tips to help you choose the best Chase credit card for you:

1. Know your credit needs and habits. By knowing how you will use your credit card, you can search for a card that will fit your lifestyle. Choosing carefully can help you to save money and have a better overall credit experience.

2. Consider which features are most important to you. With so many options to choose from, it's important to identify which credit card features and terms you really need. Otherwise, it can be easy to get distracted from what's really essential by neat but less important features. Make a list of what you must have in a card, and what you would like but can do without.

3. Don't lose track of what's important. Once you know what features are essential to you, you can narrow the list of options down to just those that serve your primary need. There should still be plenty to choose from, and you can use your less essential preferences to decide which of the offers is really best for you.

4. Read the fine print. Make sure that you understand all of the terms of the credit card agreement before applying, not just the terms that you are specifically looking for. Fees, interest rates, credit limits, grace periods and rewards terms can all impact your experience using the card. Knowing all the details now can help you to get the most out of your card and avoid unpleasant surprises later.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Chase has a website full of information and a well trained customer service department. If there is anything you don't understand or are unsure of, don't be afraid to contact them with your questions.


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Chase credit cards offer many different benefits and rewards. In fact there are 12 distinct Chase credit card categories that offer some of the best credit card benefits and rewards around.

Having mentioned there are 12 Chase credit card categories, we should name those basic categories. The categories are: general purpose cards, rebate cards, entertainment cards, travel cards, auto and gas cards, retail cards, student cards, military cards, sports cards, business cards, college and university alumni cards, and cards to support organizations. It is a credit card category line-up that is hard to beat.

To further our overview of these Chase credit card categories, we shall describe what each category of card is designed, basically to do, and though this article is not meant to be comprehensive, it will open the world of Chase card categories for your further research. So, let us start with the Chase Bank 11 general purpose cards. The Chase general purpose card delivers great rates, superior service and purchasing power by offering features such as, triple points for eligible purchases, no annual fee, and a rewards program that allows you to switch from redeemable points to cash. There are 24 rebate cards offering as much as 3% cash rebate, with no annual fee and a rewards program that allows you to switch from cash to redeemable points. Rebate cards earn cash rewards on daily purchases at your favorite retailers. Want to feel like a VIP? Try the 20 Chase entertainment cards with points redeemable for rewards at great entertainment facilities like Disney, Universal and Six Flags.

It is time for us to travel with 19 Chase cards, like the Chase AAA Rewards Visa Card, which allows you to earn 5 points for every $1 spent on gasoline, at a fueling station pump; points which you can redeem, through AAA, for travel to the destination of your choice. For the Auto and Gas category, there are 16 cards like the Bp card which has the buying power of visa, rebates on gasoline, travel and dining purchases, plus you can earn double rebates. With the 30 Retail cards from Chase, like the Amazon Platinum Visa Card you will receive points and discounts redeemable for shopping certificates, free products and entertainment.

Are you a college student? If you are, there are 41 great Chase cards to choose from including the Chase + 1SM card. This card lets you buy your clothes, gear and other college related items while you reward yourself. You will also save money by getting low credit card interest rates, great card member benefits, and at the same time you will be establishing your credit history. Still remember the good ole days of college? Well, now you can support your alma mater with one of 43 College and University Alumni Cards. Every time you make a purchase, your Alumni card will be supporting your former college or university. And, though many credit card holders will not want to support a college or university, they may want to support a favorite charity or organization. You can do that with one of 39 Chase Cards to Support Organizations. You can show the world you care by saving children, supporting the handicapped, or giving support to another charitable organization by using your support organizations credit card.

We live in a great country and our country needs the support of the military, so Chase has designed 5 great armed forces cards. These cards are designed for current and former military personnel; however, if you feel you would like to show your support for our military, you are invited to apply for a military card also. Are you wondering how many sports cards there are? Well, there are 17 sports cards that allow you to give support to your favorite sport teams whether they are baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer organizations. And finally, let us not forget about the business sector of our grand society. Chase offers 20 powerhouse business credit cards to give you effective ways to command low interest rates, organize your expenses, and receive super rewards just for making purchases with your credit card.

There they are, over 250 exciting Chase credit cards, designed to meet your every credit card demand. Upon further research of these cards you will find that Chase truly offers some of the better credit card deals and services available anywhere on the planet. If you are a credit card user, who knows, maybe one day soon you will be the proud owner of an exceptional and powerful Chase credit card.


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